How to Find the Best Georgia Disability Lawyers in Atlanta

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When you or someone in your family is unable to work because of a disability, it’s often an uphill battle. Being unable to work results in a loss of income, which may make it difficult to meet your financial obligations. Taking leave for disability can also lead to job insecurity, which adds substantial stress to an already difficult situation. Adding these worries and stressors to the hardships caused by illness or disability itself can easily make one feel overwhelmed. And when you find that you require a lawyer to secure your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, this may add further stress. Knowing how to find the right Georgia Disability lawyers can ease your burden by providing professional, compassionate legal representation and advice. The Georgia Disability lawyers at Affleck & Gordon have many years of experience advocating for clients who are owed SSDI benefits; their insider knowledge makes them ideal attorneys for people who need help navigating the Social Security system. So, if you are wondering, “Who are the best SSDI lawyers near me?,” look no further. Affleck & Gordon’s Georgia disability lawyers can assist you, from start to finish, throughout the process of securing your SSDI benefits. 

What to Look For in an SSDI lawyer

Not all attorneys, and not all law firms, are created equal. Some firms go above and beyond to ensure that their clients receive not only effective legal representation, but also the security of having a partner and advocate throughout the process. Affleck & Gordon does this by offering personalized service to clients: their lawyers act as partners throughout the challenging process of securing you the benefits you deserve. We understand that, if you are pursuing SSDI benefits, your financial security is at stake. We also know that you are facing physical and mental health challenges. Our expert attorneys provide assistance that is mindful of both your legal case and your life circumstances. 

The Social Security Administration states that it takes 3-5 months to receive an initial decision about a claim. But very few claims are approved after the first application; a long series of reviews and appeals typically follows. If your claim is not initially approved, it will undergo a case review in which a different evaluator reviews it. It will also undergo a claims review, in which an evaluator reviews all of your medical documentation and information. You deserve dedicated and compassionate legal assistance from attorneys that understand this entire process and will keep you informed. So, if you are looking for an SSDI attorney, you should seek information not only about their professional accomplishments but also about their firm’s relationships with clients. You want to find a law firm that will win your case, and which puts clients first.

Affleck & Gordon’s SSDI Lawyers Provide Unique Services

Not every firm in Georgia offers advocacy that combines excellent, determined legal representation with compassionate guidance for clients. Here are the ways that Affleck & Gordon’s Georgia Disability lawyers set themselves apart:

  1. Their case management systems offer dedicated personal support. Affleck & Gordon’s clients are assigned a case management team. This means that not only one, but several, lawyers are committed to pursuing your SSDI claims until you receive the benefits you are owed. The application and appeals processes can be complicated and lengthy, so you must work with a team that sees you and your family members not as cases to be won, but as individuals. Many former clients of Affleck & Gordon have given positive feedback about not only the level of service they’ve received but also the kindness with which it was given. 
  2. Affleck & Gordon’s lawyers are accredited with the Office of Veterans Affairs (VA), in addition to the Social Security Administration. This accreditation means that our attorneys have access to established ways of accessing information about your application in both systems. Our team of Georgia Disability lawyers includes long-time experts on VA disability claims. We can easily access your VA or SSDI claims to check on their status, discover errors in your files, and watch for challenges to your case. Hiring a team of lawyers who have an established and efficient system for keeping a close eye on your claim grants you peace of mind because you know that progress is always underway. 
  3. Our attorneys have ongoing relationships with judges and local Georgia Social Security Administration offices. Any SSDI claim undergoes examination and judgment by a Georgia Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Affleck & Gordon’s attorneys have been trying cases in front of local judges for years, so they understand each judge’s process. Hiring a local team that has good working relationships with local ALJs and Social Security offices ensures that your representatives have deep knowledge of the people and systems who will make decisions about your claim. 
  4. Affleck & Gordon attorneys work effectively with the local medical community. Over years of representing clients seeking SSDI claims, our attorneys have learned how to best gather information and keep records on clients’ behalf. We can assist you in getting the medical opinions and documentation that your claim requires, and in keeping the records you will need to complete your claim. Our Georgia disability attorneys have excellent working relationships with the medical community and are proactive in seeking out the information their clients need. 
  5. Our attorneys know how to find the information most crucial to your case. If you are seeking SSDI benefits, the claim requires that you track down and turn in pages and pages of documentation. Trying to wade through the piles of information the Social Security Administration requires on your own is both stressful and inefficient. Affleck & Gordon’s attorneys can identify which documents and pieces of information are most important to your case. We work with clients to go through their files and pinpoint the items that are most helpful in establishing your claim and getting it approved. 
  6. Our Georgia Disability lawyers will be honest with you. Thanks to our years of experience, we understand why claims get approved, and why they’re denied. We can give you and your family members a realistic idea of what you might expect, and how long it will take. Our priority is to prevent clients from jeopardizing their financial security by failing to act quickly enough to secure their claims. And from the moment we are hired, we act as partners to our clients by doing our best to advocate for them while also setting realistic expectations.
  7. We offer free resources that help you learn more about the complex process of securing your benefits. The insights contained within these resources result from many years of representing local clients in our local system. They answer the question, “who are the best SSDI lawyers near me?” Our team shares our professional knowledge and insights with our clients as we work toward getting their claims approved. 

The Georgia disability lawyers at Affleck & Gordon aim to secure SSDI and VA disability benefits for those who qualify. We aim to work closely with clients to ensure that they feel well-represented and confident throughout the process of application and appeals. Schedule a free consultation with attorneys at Affleck & Gordon today to learn more about how we can advocate for you and your family. 

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