What Is a VA Disability Rating?

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Securing a VA disability rating is an important step for disabled veterans and their families. This process can help veterans receive access to critical health care and income support benefits, making it essential for them to understand what documentation is needed and how to work with medical examiners.

The final rating can be highly beneficial, so it's important for veterans to be proactive in acquiring the benefits they are entitled to. With this knowledge and the right mindset, veterans can be sure they receive all the support they deserve.

Why Would I Be Granted a VA Disability Rating?

A Veteran would be granted a VA Disability rating if they can prove that their current diagnosed condition(s) have a well-reasoned connection to their time in service. While most of the time this means that the condition would have started in service, there are other theories of service connection as well. For example, if a Veteran can prove their current diagnosis was caused secondary to other medical issues that are already service connected, that is also a path to getting a VA disability rating on the new medical issues.

In terms of actual monetary compensation, VA disability ratings are assigned based on the severity of a veteran’s disability, injury, or illness. The rating may be assigned for physical disabilities, mental health concerns;┬ábasically any disabilities that are related to the servicemember’s military service. These ratings not only provide access to vital benefits but also help hold the federal government accountable for providing proper resources to those who have served our country.

How Are VA Disability Ratings Granted?

If a veteran wishes to seek VA Disability benefits, they must first be awarded a VA Disability Rating. To begin this process, they will need to submit an initial claim. An experienced VA Disability attorney can help file this claim, as it is essential the claim and additional evidence are fully complete for the veteran to have a successful claim or appeal if the claim is denied. Many VA claims are denied, requiring an appeals process.

With this information, the VA will then assign the veteran a rating, which can range from 0% to 100%. Higher percentage ratings entitle veterans to more extensive benefits, such as increased monthly compensation, healthcare benefits, and Dependents’ Educational Benefits.

What If I Believe My Rating Does Not Match The Severity of My Disability?

Veterans who feel that their VA Disability Rating does not accurately reflect the severity of their disability can appeal the decision. The process for appealing a rating is complex and requires veterans to submit additional evidence and documentation. The evidence required to establish a higher rating must be specific and precise in order to meet the VA’s scheduler criteria for rating percentages.

Veterans should be aware that this process can take some time, but if successful, it could result in an increased rating and access to more benefits. An experienced VA disability attorney can help you navigate this process to make sure you receive the resources you deserve.

Lawyers Serving Georgia's Disabled

VA disability benefits provide a much-needed lifeline for military families who have been affected by injury or illness. At Affleck & Gordon, our attorneys understand the importance VA disability benefits can have on your financial security and are passionate about helping our clients receive the benefits they deserve.

Do you believe you or a loved one qualify for VA Disability benefits? Request a free consultation with a member of our team by calling us at (404) 990-3945 to learn more about how you can apply. You won't pay unless we win.

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