Stress, Mental Health, & Your Disability

Stress, Mental Health, & Your Disability

Affleck & Gordon present - 

Stress, Mental Health, and Your Disability

The disability process can certainly be a stressful one. But finding the correct information to successfully file your claim and how to navigate the process shouldn't be.

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The live event took place on Wednesday, October, 28th at 2 pm ET 

This webinar discusses: 

  • Necessary steps to file your claim
  • Which mental health conditions qualify for benefits
  • How to find the right attorney for your claim

Dealing with debilitating medical conditions and the financial strain of waiting for your benefits to be approved can cause stress and most often, make your existing condition worse. Experienced attorneys can assist you with the necessary steps to help navigate the process to successfully file a claim.

About the Presenters

Harry BrennerAttorney at Law

Harry has represented clients in over 1,000 social security disability hearings. He works on cases at the Initial, Reconsideration, Hearing, and Appeals Council levels of review. He has appealed and fought many denied claims over the years.

Harry enjoys meeting new clients in the Metro Atlanta communities and is a member of the Georgia Bar Association and Atlanta Bar Association. Harry prides himself on going the extra step for his clients to ensure they get the benefits they deserve despite the hurdles and obstacles along the way.

Allison AffleckAttorney at Law

At Affleck and Gordon, Allison focuses primarily on Social Security Disability cases. She continues to earn the respect of judges and of her clients for her professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to providing personalized, effective representation.

Allison is currently a member of the Georgia Bar Association, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, and also a part of the HeLP Legal Services Clinic, where she worked on children’s SSI disability cases.

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