Why You Should Hire A&G as your SSDI Lawyer

Social Security Administration

When seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), an important step in winning your benefits is consulting Social Security Disability lawyers.

However, when deciding which attorney is right for you, you shouldn’t compromise on quality, experience, or trust. Disability claimants should tell themselves, “I don’t want just any lawyer—I want the best disability lawyers near me to advocate on my behalf.”

At Affleck & Gordon, we believe your health and the financial security benefits can provide shouldn’t be compromised. We believe every client’s wellbeing is valuable and that a disability lawyer should provide you with a service worthy of that value.

The best Social Security Disability lawyers earn your trust.

The best Social Security Disability lawyers prioritize your needs.

The best Social Security Disability lawyers bring experience and knowledge to give you the best possible chance of winning your claim.

At Affleck & Gordon, we want to help you with your SSDI claim from the moment you decide to apply for benefits.

You can schedule a free consultation with Affleck & Gordon at any time to discuss the details of your claim.

Here’s a little more information about what our experienced local disability attorneys bring to the table to help you and your family get the benefits they deserve.

Table of Contents:

  1.     Why Should I Hire Social Security Disability Lawyers?
  2.       How Can Affleck & Gordon Help Win My SSDI Benefits?
  3.       What Makes Affleck & Gordon the Best Disability Lawyers Near Me?

Why Should I Hire Social Security Disability Lawyers?

Only one-third of those who file a Social Security Dihelpinsability claim will be initially approved. For a majority, they face a potentially long road of appealing a benefits denial.

Yet this is not a reason to despair or give up. With the right tools, guidance, and expectations, you can maximize your chances of winning benefits at any stage of your case.

You may consult an attorney at any time during your claim, but doing so as early as possible maximizes the chance of winning your benefits.

In most cases, Social Security claimants do not pay an upfront attorney’s fee.

If you’re awarded benefits, an attorney’s fee is taken from your first disability check of past-due benefits, called “back pay.” This amount is federally regulated for your protection and is usually limited to 25% of past-due benefits, up to a maximum of $6,000.

If you don’t win your claim, you typically will not owe this fee.

How Can Affleck & Gordon Help Win My SSDI Benefits?

Our experienced SSDI lawyers offer important services that will help you navigate the often long and complex process of seeking benefits. Affleck & Gordon put their clients first always and can represent your needs through every stage of your claim. Here are a few of the main benefits we offer each and every one of our clients.


Disability attorneys at Affleck & Gordon advocate for you from the moment we take on your case. Acting as your advocates mean we work to earn your trust and show you we’ll fight for you and your family. We understand that clients are divulging sensitive medical information and may be going through a difficult and vulnerable experience when working with an attorney on their claim. That’s why we want to make sure our clients are comfortable speaking with us and know we’re on their side. We advocate for you throughout your claim and will even be able to represent you during appeal hearings and other court proceedings.

Helping You Plan for What Comes Next

SSDI claims have many steps, require a lot of paperwork, deadlines, and appointments, and can take months or even years to resolve. When you’re experiencing medical issues that prevent you from working, keeping track of all this can quickly seem overwhelming. Our disability lawyers are experts in Social Security law and can help you prepare for what to expect. This could include gathering medical evidence, filing paperwork, meeting deadlines, and helping you prepare for appeals hearings. We’ll also give you a realistic timeline of your case.

Client Care

We value our clients’ needs and want to ensure you always feel cared for and heard. Be it those seeking benefits or family members, Affleck & Gordon guarantee that our team is available to respond quickly whenever you have questions, whether you need to reach us by telephone, email, or even schedule a meeting with us in person. You will always feel heard when you voice concerns, need reassurance or ask about your case, and we’ll always keep you up to date on the details of your claim.

What Makes Affleck & Gordon the Best Disability Lawyers Near Me?

For over four decades, Affleck & Gordon has helped clients like you win their disability claims in the state of Georgia. Over that time, we’ve built meaningful relationships with our clients and learned the qualities that make disability lawyers the best at what they do, working every day to embody those qualities for you and your family.

Affleck & Gordon won’t compromise on ethics. That means never cutting corners. It means we’re transparent and honest with you about your claim. We won’t make false promises and will always give you realistic expectations. Our attorneys get results from our years of experience winning disability claims for our clients, without compromising on the ethics of the law.

Affleck & Gordon are part of the local community. Our attorneys love meeting our clients face to face, with offices in Atlanta, Columbus, Conyers, and Griffin. We’ve made it our mission to represent our local community by building meaningful relationships with our clients, spending the time to get to know them, and building our reputation locally. 

As local attorneys, we’ve also built relationships with other attorneys and judges and have an intimate working knowledge of the local court systems, so we can help you anticipate exactly what will be expected of you during a hearing.

Affleck & Gordon have the experience and track record. Attorneys at Affleck & Gordon have represented over 25,000 clients and recovered millions of dollars in disability and medical benefits on their behalf.

Beyond the statistics, the result that matters most is the satisfaction of our clients. Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say about their experience with our attorneys:

“Affleck & Gordon are professional and caring and were always available when I had questions and concerns. Even during a pandemic, they got the job done for me.” -T. Curtis

“As we all know dealing with any legal situation can feel overwhelming without the right support; however, having a great team working with me every step of the way, keeping me up to date on every bit of new information concerning my case, made things much easier for me.” - B. and T. Foster

If you’re filing a Social Security Disability claim, attorneys at Affleck & Gordon want to advocate for you and give you the best chance of winning the benefits you deserve. Call us today and let us fight for you.

If your SSDI claim has been denied, Affleck and Gordon can help. We’ve been helping disabled people in Georgia just like you for over 45 years. Once you have applied online for benefits, sign up for a free case evaluation here, and call us at (404) 990-3945.

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